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©2017 by deux furieuses.

deux furieuses

"Anger masterclass” Q MAGAZINE


my war is your war oUT now


"Deux Furieuses are exciting, of that there is no doubt. My War is Your War spits, kicks & roars with a ruthless sincerity" LOUDER THAN WAR No 18  Albums of the Year 2019 - Top 50 

"A widescreen political vision and vast spacious sound with the direct ferocity of Dry-era PJ Harvey. Exceptional" 8/10 CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE 

"There are moments of seething, white-hot rage on their latest album, and none better than the brutal 'Let Them Burn'. A soundtrack for when we pick up the torches and pitchforks." A MODEL OF CONTROL No 4 Best 50 Tracks of 2019

“Title track 'My War is Your War' is a mesmerising, addictive tune with poignant lyrics that make you think" ROCK AND ROLL

No 4 Albums of 2019

"In a year which has seen hatred, division and misinformation become the norm, a band like Deux Furieuses is just what the world needs right now." LISTEN WITH MONGER Best Year 2019 winner


"Politically incisive, deliberately confrontational with sharp songwriting and unapologetic directness" LOUDER

"So fierce, My War is Your War is an amazing reflection of our times. A classic album." JOHN KENNEDY RADIO X

"THE album for our times. Visceral, anthemic, spine-tingling, extraordinary work that should sit on the Mercury Prize shortlist" KITMONSTERS

“A confrontational, harrowing call to action” JOYZINE Albums 2019 in Review

"A lot of what makes this two-piece so appealing is the bare honesty. An accosting mix of punk aggression, inviting melody and biting lyricism" EAR NUTRITION  


“Confrontational, harrowing and a call to action”


Newly signed to Xtra Mile Recordings, fierce post punk duo deux furieuses have released second album My War is Your War  produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) as the follow-up to critically acclaimed debut album Tracks of Wire (2016). 


My War is Your War lyrically and musically expands on their debut, taking the post-punk and riot grrrl influences of the predecessor and injecting a darker rock sound. The album reaches out to find common cause against a context of increasing right wing populism in Europe, the #MeToo movement and a friend’s suicide.

Since their beginnings in 2013, Scottish vocalist/guitarist Ros Cairney and London Greek drummer Vas Antoniadou have earned a reputation for uncompromising politically charged rock.  The duo have been championed by the likes of Q Magazine, Louder Than War, Classic Rock Magazine and Radio X DJ John Kennedy, whose enthusiasm caught the attention of Frank Turner and led to a support slot at his inaugural Lost Evenings Festival.

With second album My War is Your War firmly on the critically acclaimed shelf and powerhouse performances at Camden Rocks Festival and 2000 Thousand Trees Festival in 2019, deux furieuses kick start 2020 supporting Petrol Girls for two dates on their January UK tour.

"Anger masterclass - recalling PJ Harvey's Rid of Me and the harshness and austerity of Savages" Q MAGAZINE


"Tracks Of Wire sets the bar very high in terms of modern day punk" 10/10 LOUDER THAN WAR


“Furious feminist punk rock, completely unique and unapologetic.” FRANK TURNER TREBUCHET MAGAZINE



Tracks of Wire by Phil Mongredien

"Anger masterclass. Their self-released album positively bristles with rage. The fat-free song structures recall Rid of Me, the harshness and austerity of Savages. They are most effective when they slow down on Kill Us which nods to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song before locking into a menacing groove. A bold and accomplished debut'


Tracks of Wire by Paul Scott-Bates

'It is in modern day terms a classic album. A soundtrack to life in 2016. What makes a classic album? Perfect songs, emotive lyrics, unforgettable choruses, excellent production, a feeling that the band has contributed blood, sweat and tears to every note. For Deux Furieuses all those boxes are ticked.'  10/10


Can We Talk About This? by Everett True

"Gouging intensity. Mining the dark side. Fucked up and reconstructed and in thrall to the past, but moved on way past that. Anger. Oh yes, anger. All this talk of fucking hypocrites and fucking people in their eyes. 2014 realised in small barbed doses. Serious. Straight up. A nagging, dissonant refrain. Fucking great. Deux Furieuses have surpassed Savages already in just under four minutes of tightly wound, compressed menace"