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deux furieuses

Drums, guitar and a heart. 


Deux Furieuses against brick wall, back cover of album Songs From Planet Earth.

songs from planet earth

OUT NOW via Xtra Mile Recordings! LP/CD/Digital 


Self-produced as we came out of the pandemic, it stands for us as a record of those times - our anger at those governing our country, the pain of loss, elation in change and our fight to continue as a band.

Featuring John Kennedy Radio X X-Posure Hot Ones 'Know The Score', 'Our Day Will Come' and LOUD WOMEN Singles of the Week 'Bring Down The Government', 'Our Day Will Come'.

"These ten songs provide a chastening scrapbook of images of a broken land. This is protest music in its most sublime expression drawing on the deeply personal. But the personal is political, never more so than this" THE PUNK SITE 


"What astonishes from the very first notes is the verve and density of the sound they generate — far beyond what might be expected - Eloquent and edifying songs for any and all barricades and ... the doubting Thomases and Thomasinas out there." 


"Songs From Planet Earth is definitely protest done well. The anger is obvious, but it’s also carefully targeted towards those who richly deserve it. A wonderful album with greater depth than anything they’ve done before" HERA SAYS Best Albums 2023

"Third album of skilful alternative rock from the Furieuses and a reminder once again of what strengths the band has in Ros’s stunning voice, Vas’ way with a martial, syncopated drumbeat and their mutual affinity for catchy-as-hell vocal/musical hooks. Whether on propulsive bangers like ‘Be Water’, ‘All We Need Is Sanctuary’, ‘Our Tribe’ and ‘Bring Down The Government’, or the thoughtfully powerful songs in between, it’s easy to forget that only two people are making all this vital music." LOUD WOMEN Hercury Prize Nomination 2023

"Deux Furieuses are an inspiration of the newer wave rock movement, musical rhythmic dynamics who sing out for so many people’s reality. Thank you Ros n Vas, gonna believe that the album, 'Songs From Planet Earth' keeps casting spells of good into the ether. Deserves all the praise."  THE ZINE UK 2023

"Here come Deux Furieuses with a fire in their belly and a glint in their eyes..Moody, steely guitars and punctuating drums create a fittingly funereal atmosphere for vocalist Ros Cariney to sing over as a way of remembering the over 200,000 UK citizens that died from COVID. "We will never forget" she sings with emotion in every word." LISTEN WITH MONGER 2023


"'Know The Score’ is an immense, raging anthem confronting society’s failure to properly protect women and marginalised genders from violence. Challenging the patriarchy from the off, the track hits you with its potent, riotous energy and fierce, colossal musicality as the all-too-resonant refrain “say her name” echoes with eerie timelessness." GET IN HER EARS 2022

"A masterclass in perfectly channelled rage, the quieter more fragile moments hit you just as hard as when the drums pound like an earthquake and the guitars push the needle into the red" JOYZINE 2022

"The true depth of this album is in the songwriting. Music has always had a place bringing power to account and the Two Furies have added to the catalogue of great protest albums documenting a time and place in our lives" FATEA MAGAZINE 2022

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