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From The Water Rats to The Roundhouse          

about deux furieuses

We formed deux furieuses in 2013 because we were angry and determined to use our words and music to sing the truth of our lives and question the world around us. It didn't seem enough anymore to make music just for the sake of it or because we had a talent for it or just because it had always thrilled us to do so. We challenged ourselves to think about what we were saying with our band and what contribution we were making to the so called Information Age.

Debut single 'Can We Talk About This?' almost gave Radio X's John Kennedy a heart attack on air as he tried to talk over all the 'you fucking hypocrites' and 'fuck yous' the first time he played it on the radio. He went on to make the edited version of this song about the Islamist murder of Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh (whose film Submission featured text concerning the legitimate use of wife beating from Chapter 4, verse 34 of the Quran written on the skin of a woman's body) his Radio X X-Posure Big One in October 2014. The above photo by Daniela Fleckenstein was taken at Tin Pan Alley on the night of the 'Can We Talk About This?' single launch at The Alleycat, London for The Zine Chapter 3.


Hannah Arendt influenced second single 'The Party of Shaitaan' was another John Kennedy X-Posure Big One in February 2015 followed by anti rape culture third single 'Are We Sexy Enough?'. Recently this song was a highlight at The Roundhouse, where Frank Turner's sold out audience did us the honour of listening silently and applauding the song's scathing sentiment.

We headlined the first ever CLIT ROCK fund raiser at The Lexington in support of Daughters of Eve who campaign against Female Genital Mutilation. We took a plane to Russia for a whirlwind week of gigs, visits to artist squats, a drunken impromptu festival appearance and much hungover sightseeing in October 2014 after two Russian music lovers stumbled into the Camden Barfly and invited us to stay in their Moscow flat.

After sending a demo of our first song 'I Want My Life Back' to musician and producer Rob Ellis, he came to see us at The Water Rats, London, where we were playing a monthly residency. He played a big part in making early PJ Harvey so thrilling on record and on stage with his distinctive drumming and visceral screaming and we were thrilled when he agreed to produce our debut album.


We had two days of pre production with him in our building site of a rehearsal studio in Ponders End, Enfield before going into into Bryn Derwen studio, Wales for a ten day residential session in August 2013. We wanted the chance to make an album the way rock'n'roll musicians used to. We did not want to settle for a bedroom recording or programmed drum parts. We wanted raw power but also textures and mood. We wanted to build on the fundamentals of our sound in a way we could not do at the kind of venues we played at in London.


Rob pushed us hard in the studio for performances that really let go, while simultaneously being a stickler for precision timing. He complemented our arrangements with touches of piano, organ, violin, hub caps and theremin app. Creative mixes from Breeders legend Mark Freegard at Kyoti Studio, Glasgow brought out the atmosphere and drama of the songs even more and mastering from Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering, London completed the power of the record. Some titles changed and videos and artwork in collaboration with Dan Donovan drew out the album's themes while the world around us grew ever darker.

The album Tracks of Wire was finally released on 20th May 2016 to reviews saying we had captured a soundtrack to that year. The album was launched in the packed out Lexington, London with Blindness who played their last ever gig. Tracks of Wire went on to receive honourable mentions in numerous end of year polls which meant a lot to us, especially No. 9 in LOUDER THAN WAR's Albums of the Year 2016 alongside albums from PJ Harvey and Savages and No. 1 in LOUD WOMEN's Top 5 Albums of 2016.


We released Radio X X-Posure Hot One single 'Time to Mourn/ From Fear to Fury' from Tracks of Wire in January 2017 in aid of grass roots charity Phone Credit for Refugees, which gives refugees and displaced people immediate help by topping up their mobile phones. While we were filming the Dan Donovan directed video in Kings Cross a nasty piece of work had a go at our friend Nenad Kostadinovski who was acting the refugee in the song's story. It was a very real moment from Britain 2016 caught within the artifice of our video.

When John Kennedy asked if we would play the Radio X sponsored second stage at Frank Turner's four day Lost Evenings Festival in May 2017 we were excited, but this turned to disbelief when Frank Turner's agent then emailed to ask us to open the main stage of The Roundhouse before his ten year anniversary performance of debut album Sleep Is For The Week. Frank Turner watched our soundcheck and said there needs to be more music in the world like this.

To coincide with the British general election in June 2017, we released a new Mark Freegard produced single 'Silenced by the Roar' in protest at the stifling of voices around the issue of Brexit, the dangers of populist politics and in hope of change via the ballot box.


We were honoured to headline the launch party of LOUD WOMEN's Volume One Compilation CD at New River Studios in March 2017 and Get In Her Ears at The Finsbury, London in August 2017, two of London's new feminist promoters doing so much to help bands right now.

We look forward to headlining Louder Than War's curated night at Blogtober Festival on 7th October and are working on the songs for our next album. When we look at the music that gets financed these days, it spurs us on to interject with a different voice, to 'change the record'.


The world is going to hell in a hand cart and the music business continues to diversify at glacial pace. But we have each other and are grateful for all the support and goodwill around us. We feel part of a movement for change in both the wider world and the music business. We will keep burning down the walls that put us in our place. 

Ros and Vas

September 2017   

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