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"Deux Furieuses are exciting, of that there is no doubt. My War is Your War spits, kicks & roars with a ruthless sincerity" LOUDER THAN WAR No 18  Albums of the Year 2019 - Top 50 

"A widescreen political vision and vast spacious sound with the direct ferocity of Dry-era PJ Harvey. Exceptional"


"So fierce, My War is Your War is an amazing reflection of our times. A classic album." JOHN KENNEDY RADIO X

"Confrontational yet accessible and they can play a band twice their size off the stage" BREAKING GLASS MAGAZINE Best Live 2019 

"In a year which has seen hatred, division and misinformation become the norm, a band like Deux Furieuses is just what the world needs right now." LISTEN WITH MONGER Best Year 2019 

"There are moments of seething, white-hot rage on their latest album, and none better than the brutal 'Let Them Burn'. A soundtrack for when we pick up the torches and pitchforks." A MODEL OF CONTROL No 4 Best 50 Tracks of 2019

“Title track 'My War is Your War' is a mesmerising, addictive tune with poignant lyrics that make you think"

ROCK AND ROLL No 4 Albums of 2019

"Politically incisive, deliberately confrontational with sharp songwriting and unapologetic directness" LOUDER

"THE album for our times. Visceral, anthemic, spine-tingling, extraordinary work that should sit on the Mercury Prize shortlist" KITMONSTERS

"This IS the year of rage. A superb primal howl." THE ZINE UK

“A confrontational, harrowing call to action” JOYZINE Albums 2019 in Review

"Lacerating and bravely avant sounds" NICHE-APPEAL.COM

"A lot of what makes this two-piece so appealing is the bare honesty. An accosting mix of punk aggression, inviting melody and biting lyricism" EAR NUTRITION  

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