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Get In Her Ears - guest blog

Get In Her Ears asked us to write a guest blog on art movement Nasty Women UK for their brilliant new site promoting women in music.

deux furieuses acoustic for Nasty Women UK by Suzi Corker

Deux Furieuses marched on that Women’s March and when we were invited to play Nasty Women UK’s event, we were determined to find a way to play a part. As we could not perform our normal drum-powered assault in the gallery space we decided to make our acoustic debut. We very much felt that there should be a nasty element to the music at this event. We challenged ourselves to put across Deux Furieuses without the power of drums and a Marshall stack. Ros played ‘Can We Talk About This?’ and ‘Are We Sexy Enough?’ on acoustic and changed the lyrics from “Are we angry enough?” to “Are we nasty enough?”. Vas joined in on vocals and tambourine for new song ‘Let Them Burn’. The response to our short set on the night and the following day has encouraged us to get our message out in as many ways as possible."

Read more about our debut acoustic performance and experiences at Nasty Women's fantastic weekend event:

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