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Making Year of Rage video

When the evening's concert pianist was cancelled, we were offered the chance to use the Queen Elizabeth Hall for our video shoot at short notice. We arrived at Southbank Centre Artist Entrance with video director Dan Donovan and decided to film us storming the QEH.

We talked QEH lighting tech Hal Wheeler into running up to the lighting box in a balaclava with a red flag. Dan filmed us performing on stage with a handheld camera to the sound of Year of Rage loud through the QEH PA.

We were inspired by Alannah Currie’s Miss Pokeno blog “Feel the Rage” and her group of feminist art activists “Sisters of Perpetual Resistance” and asked her to be in the video. She made us red flags, let us borrow her hoods and we are honoured that she makes a cameo appearance in the video.

Photo by Caffy St Luce

At Alannah’s Doyce Street studio, we gathered some wonderful and talented friends to rage in the streets as we let off flares and disturbed the peace. Dan directed the mayhem, along with artist/musician Jimmy Cauty on camera duties, then he edited it all together.

deux furieuses Year of Rage video shoot

Photo by Dan Donovan

It was a remarkable day and the finished video is the result of many people helping us at short notice to create something special. It not only captures the song but it seems to capture how a lot of us are feeling. Here it comes, louder by the day. #yearofrage #sistersofperpetualresistance

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