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Deb Googe! Album Launch Party

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

It was very powerful for so many great female musicians to share the stage with us at our LOUD WOMEN album launch at The Lexington last night and particularly special for us to play 'Let Them Pass' from the album live for the first time. We had a little help from Hurtling 's Jonathan Clayton on cello and Jen Macro on keys. Huge thanks to both for joining us on stage without a rehearsal!

Brilliant to look across the stage and see Deb Googe playing your song and then she kindly helps you carry your 4x12 Marshall cab down a flight of stairs at the end of the night. Thank you Deb! We were honoured to play 'Bring Down The Government', 'Can We Talk About This?' and 'Let Them Burn' together.

Thanks to Dan Donovan for the great photos.

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