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Louder Than War: Albums of the Year 2019

"Deux Furieuses are exciting, of that there is no doubt. My War is Your War spits, kicks & roars with a ruthless sincerity"

Classic Rock  Magazine: Album Review

"A widescreen political vision and vast spacious sound with the direct ferocity of Dry-era PJ Harvey. Exceptional." 8/10 


Louder Than War: Album Review

"There’s a reason that their debut album was so critically acclaimed and all those justifications are repeated with My War Is Your War. The road to success may be shorter than they think."

Turn Up The Volume: Album Review 

"For me ‘My War Is Your War‘ is a beseeching and vociferous call-up for solidarity, unity, universal respect and mutual understanding. A call-up to survive together with the one and only way possible: side by side."

Louder: Track by Track

"Politically incisive, deliberately confrontational with sharp songwriting and unapologetic directness" 

Scene Point Blank: Frank Turner

My War is Your War No 2 Top 5 Albums of 2019

"I fucking love this band" FRANK TURNER

Get In Her Ears: IWD 2020 Playlist

"GIHE faves Deux Furieuses last year dropped their immense album My War Is Your War – a collection of poignant, impassioned and all-too-relevant rock anthems.

‘Year Of Rage’ is a seething offering addressing the #MeToo movement and the anger felt by women everywhere trying to seek justice. Delivering a message of empowerment through the raging riffs, soaring vocals and frenzied pummelling beats, it’s a hugely powerful and distinctly necessary listen this IWD."

Kitmonsters: Making of the Album

"THE album for our times. Visceral, anthemic, spine-tingling, extraordinary work that should sit on the Mercury Prize shortlist"

Radio X: X-Posure Big One 'Year of Rage'

"So fierce, My War is Your War is an amazing reflection of our times. A classic album." JOHN KENNEDY RADIO X

Listen With Monger: Best Year 2019

"In a year which has seen hatred, division and misinformation become the norm, a band like Deux Furieuses is just what the world needs right now."

A Model of Control: Track of the Month

'Year of Rage' - "Shining a light into a dark time..this most brilliant of bands is about to gain a vastly wider audience"

A Model of Control: Best Tracks 2019

'Let Them Burn' - "There are moments of seething, white-hot rage on their latest album, and none better than the brutal 'Let Them Burn'. A soundtrack for when we pick up the torches and pitchforks." 

Louder Than War: Interview

"With a record deal, a second album and a positive live presence, 2019 could prove to be a pivotal year for Vas Antoniadou and Ros Cairney aka Deux Furieuses."

Breaking Glass Magazine: Best Live 2019

"Confrontational yet accessible and they can play a band twice their size off the stage"

Get In Her Ears: Five Favourite

"With the release of their poignant new album My War Is Your War, Deux Furieuses continue to blow our minds with their explosive post-punk and stirring raw emotion. Ros from the band has shared her “Five Favourites” – five tracks that particularly resonate with her and Vas."

Rock And Roll: No. 4 Albums of 2019

"The first single from the new album and Rock And Roll Track of the Day was the awesome 'Year of Rage'. Title track 'My War is Your War' is a mesmerising, addictive tune with poignant lyrics that make you think."

Lord Walki Wolf: Music Reviews

"They are a movement we need to join. Rock, punk, political, brutal, uncompromising, unapologetic, as dark as our reality. Once again, deux furieuses take no prisoners."

Ear Nutrition: Introducing Deux Furieuses

"A lot of what makes this two-piece so appealing is the bare honesty. Deux Furieuses are as intrinsic and natural to themselves as they can be. Much of the early punk movement was populated and propagated by women and it’s about time the scene was as inclusive in these new dark ages"