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Reinventing Riot Grrrl - Louder

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Riot Grrrl duo deux furieuses pick the ten best bands giving the genre a vital modern makeover

deux furieuses press photo by Dan Donovan

By Briony Edwards TEAM ROCK

"From the Sex Pistols taking aim at the monarchy to Rise Against challenging the US government, ever since its advent, punk music has provided the soundtrack to anti-establishment activity. Now, with political unease on the rise across the globe, a new wave of artists have emerged to tackle 21st century disillusion.

Part of this movement is London-based duo Deux Furieuses, whose new single, Silenced By The Roar, blends ferocious riot grrrl and jangling post-punk with scathing lyrics that take aim at those in charge. "Silenced By The Roar is about the ascendency of the English 'roar'," the band explain. "[It's about] how we feel increasingly silenced by the government's "Crush the saboteurs" mentality and let down by piss poor politicians who are unable to articulate a response to the failures of democracy and the big issues of our times. The song ends with a rallying cry of intent, influenced by protests we have been part of outside Downing Street.”

They pick 10 bands currently working with them to channel traditional riot grrrl sounds into the political discourse of today."

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