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Interview: 10 Questions #20YearsOfJoy

"What were you doing 20 years ago?" We answered 10 questions from Joyzine editor Paul Maps ahead of the birthday weekender show on Saturday 19th August at Music Room London & the release of new compilation #20YearsOfJoy: Vol 1 which includes an unreleased early studio demo track from us. All proceeds to anti-right wing extremism charity HOPE not hate.

Here are the last two questions, full interview here:

The shows are raising money for HOPE not hate, why is this an important cause for you to support?

It is important to us because we must always guard against extremism taking hold in our society. There is a song called ‘Words of Warning’ on our second album My War Is Your War about Sachsenhausen concentration camp for political prisoners, which is situated at the end of a suburban street on the outskirts of Berlin. ‘Europe of the future remember’ are the words of warning carved in stone on a memorial at the site. How a society turned a blind eye, lost touch with common humanity and enabled a system of persecution is a salutary lesson to us all. As we order 500 asylum seekers on the Bibby Stockholm barge resembling a prison, HOPE Not Hate are working to challenge inflammatory language in mainstream politics and counter the rise of far-right extremism in communities.

What were you doing 20 years ago?

Ros moved from Glasgow to London after her band Shriek split up and stayed in a hostel in Brixton signing on while looking for like-minded musicians. Vas was playing drums in lots of London bands and went on tour with The Libertines as drummer for Kill City. Together with bassist Jen from the Llama Farmers, we formed trio We Rock Like Girls Don’t, the irony of which was lost on many. After Jen left, we became a duo on a mission to write songs about the world around us and Deux Furieuses was born.


Ros and Vas

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