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New track/gig for HOPE Not hate

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Back from our run of summer shows with the noise literally ringing in our ears but it was worth it. Thanks to everyone who came up to speak to us, bought our merch and shared their homes with us.

Coming up we play Joyzine's 20th Birthday Weekender at Music Rooms London along with friends Hurtling on Saturday 19th August.

We also have a previously unreleased early studio demo track included on new Joyzine compilation #20YearsOfJoy: Vol 1 which you can get with your ticket here:

All proceeds to anti-right wing extremism charity HOPE Not Hate.

"Deux Furieuses burst on the stage in a maelstrom of light, guitars and drums. This performance came across much stronger, louder and angrier than anything I have seen from them before and it was fantastic to witness. This felt like a breathless flash through all that is great about Deux Furieuses. Catch them live, you won’t regret it." Gloucester Guildhall Muso Muso live review

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