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Beyond Defiant to Triumphant - The Zine

Tres Diy Magnifique

deux furieuses live at The Roundhouse, London by Dan Donovan

By Caffy St Luce The Zine

Around a month ago at time of writing, a hung parliament on Friday 9th of June 2017, began the next stage of British life for every day people. The world is a cacophony of callousness and corruption, one way or another, this double wonder woman force of nature will not be Silenced By The Roar. We need bands whose music can either help us escape this dystopian nightmare for a while, or empathise with their words, or both. With favourable/preferred comparisons to many huge names, this may well be the rock band that you need in your life. More than one friend who has been introduced to deux furieuses, agrees. Beyond defiant to triumphant, just over a year ago we were stunned by the forthcoming debut LP from one of the UK's most inspiring DIY sensations. Released in May 2016, 'Tracks Of Wire' is widely acknowledged, by those in the know, as one of the UK's rock albums of the year and key to what is happening with guitar fuelled (r)evolution in 2017. What Britain does best is making a song and dance about everything. At time of writing, people have been banned from singing 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' to the tune of 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes, but in all honesty, we really have been divided into at least seven nations, to be conquered by an extreme right wing coup for billionaires. deux furieuses are one of the most key elements in Britain's rising rock force, and we can't wait until realisation dawns and festival promoters with suss start booking them to make their audiences jaws drop. Kudos to well on it artist, Frank Turner and Radio X hero, John Kennedy for inviting deux furieuses to be part of the massive Lost Evenings events at The Roundhouse (May 2017) - guess who very kindly let us have some images from what was an amazing event where a whole new crowd got turned on to deux furieuses. This is a band that can mean so much to anybody that finds them. This is musical power. Meet a band who not only belong on bigger stages, but have proven that they can own them. "a stirring creation filled with an intense and necessary ferocity and might, that we all need now more than ever." said GigSlutz when they premiered 'Silenced By The Roar' video on Election Day Eve. Reactions to the live launch reflected that you can be political AND positive. Uplifting, articulate and mind blowing on many levels, but the bottom line is that loaded with truly superb rock songs, this is a class home grown band of the career worthy kind. Will be keeping a close eye and ear out for festival appearances that deux furieuses can SMASH. #SheRocksFests - we have so many wonderful female fronted, all female bands and solo artists right now, that bookers don't need to worry about finding artists to help 2018 build on this year's growing under radar rock movement. In the mean time, deux furieuses are working towards their next album. Stay tuned.

deux furieuses live at The Roundhouse by Dan Donovan

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