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International Women's Day 2020

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

With Harvey Weinstein on his way to prison, and sexual predators on notice, "here's to those who speak the truth" to quote our song 'Year of Rage'. We were glad to find our songs popping up all over the place on International Women's Day.

LOUD WOMEN's Radio Show on Resonace FM - "Music by women setting the UK feminist diy scene alight" featured 'Let Them Burn'. She 17 Music led their Spotify playlist with 'My War is Your War' and Get In Her Ears featured 'Year of Rage' along with kind words about our album My War is Your War.

"'Year of Rage' is a seething offering addressing the #MeToo movement and the anger felt by women everywhere trying to seek justice. Delivering a message of empowerment through the raging riffs, soaring vocals and frenzied pummelling beats, it’s a hugely powerful and distinctly necessary listen this IWD."

It feels good to be part of the culture of change making music for our times. #IWD2020 #MeToo

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