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Songs From Planet Earth is 1!

Hello everyone,

Songs From Planet Earth was released on 11/11/22 and one year on it stands for us as a record of those times - our anger at those governing our country, the pain of loss, elation in change and our fight to continue as a band.

"Celebrating the one year anniversary of Deux Furieuses' vital and seismic album 'Songs From Planet Earth'. An album of hope and fire that burns all the brighter in these darkest of times - it is as pertinent now as it was then." Xtra Mile Recordings

By way of celebration, we have anniversary bundles featuring new t-shirt 'Our Day Will Come' on No Sweat organic, ethical t-shirts available now on our Bandcamp.

Also A5 handwritten lyric sheets by Ros on 🌱 wildflower seed 🌱 embedded paper, signed and dated. Plant a song from Songs From Planet Earth and watch it grow.

One year on and planet Earth is in a dark place. We have every right to protest the humanitarian disaster in Gaza by calling for the release of hostages and a ceasefire now. If you are protesting today, stay safe.

It has been wonderful to play many of these songs live this year. As many of you know Vas is finally getting her hip operation in December, so we hope to see you all when we are back gigging in the new year.


Ros and Vas xx

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