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Tom Robinson's Songs for the General Election

BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson has included our song 'Dream for Change' in his Songs for the General Election playlist.


1 Volcanoes - Bowler Hatter

2 beachy head music club — CHANGE

3 deux furieuses — Dream for Change

4 The Tuts - "Give Us Something Worth Voting For

5 Snippet aka Johnno Casson — Hope Can Win

6 Jocasta: A Musical Tragedy — BECCA WILLIAMS - How Long Can This Go On?

7 Serf School — I Don't Mind When Kids in Foreign Lands Get Their Head's Blown Off (remaster)

8 Jocasta: A Musical Tragedy — VARIOUS - It's Time To Take Sides

9 SHE MAKES WAR - I Want My Country Back

10 Andy White — jeremy

11 Captain Ska - Liar Liar Ge2017 (DJ Gaw Jungle Bootleg)

12 Jupiter Falls — They Say

13 Dru Blues — Vote with your feet

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