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Songs of the General Election - God Is In The TV

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Bill Cummings from God Is In The TV includes our new single Silenced by the Roar in his selection of political songs from the last 12 months and this general election. "Since last year’s Brexit and the election of Trump in the United States, there has been an upturn in politically conscious music; an anger has started to seep through about the state of our country. The rise of nationalism, the tide of austerity, the tabloid portrayal of politics, the rising inequality that characterises a society where homelessness rises and the 1%’s wealth continues to grow. In the face of this sit two opposing visions and they couldn’t be more stark. On the one hand you have Theresa May, a woman so steeped in privilege and power that when her uncosted manifesto whose central policy was a particularly vicious dementia tax was questioned, she disappeared, then back tracked and then parroted robotic stock phrases. On the other, Jeremy Corbyn a principled firebrand who has spent decades on the backbenches, a man who presents a hopeful, re-distributive manifesto, he has been a breath of fresh air this campaign although some may question whether campaigning rather than leadership might be his forte? In time for the General Election, Deux Furieuses have released the new video for forthcoming single ‘Silenced By The Roar’. The track is the Deux Furieuses’ roar of defiance, simmering with rage and despair: its shadowy menace got elements in common with early P J Harvey but cloaked in a much heavier atmosphere, they explain: ’Silenced by the Roar’ is our comment on Britain in 2017. The dark mood of despair cut with hope expressed in this song and video is how it feels to us right now in post Trump, post Brexit voting, post truth Britain in the lead up to a general election rocked by terrorism and sabotaged by increasingly desperate and unconvincing politicians. We vote for hope and we will not be silenced.”' GOD IS IN THE TV

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