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A Shot of Anger - Protest Song Playlist

Deux Furieuses  2017 photo by Dan Donovan


With their blistering single Silenced By The Roar out now we asked Deux Furieuses to put together a playlist of protest songs.

The selection brings together the anger and the passion that also runs through their own work, a necessary stand against the many problems plaguing the world today.

The band, currently working on their second album, talk us through their choices:

“We chose these protest songs because they have a vein of anger running through them and there is much to protest about right now. Our playlist title is a quote from Frank Turner song The Sand In The Gears which he wrote after Donald Trump became ‘leader of the free world’ and makes a stand against homophobes and racists. He asked us to open for him at his Lost Evenings festival in May at the recommendation of Radio X’s John Kennedy and we watched from the side of the stage as he performed galvanising, transformative songs to a sold out Roundhouse.

“Sinéad O’Connor’s Take Off Your Shoes, written to the Vatican from the point of view of the Holy Spirit, tore our faces off when we first heard it together live at a gig. Her spat out line “I say you’re running out of battery” applies equally well to Theresa May and the Tories.

“Bright Eyes’ When The President Talks To God is still relevant – “does he ever smell his own bullshit?”. The venal self interest of those that rig our society to suit themselves has been exposed time and time again but never more so than by the Grenfell Tower fire. The people's will reserves the right to change as it smells the bullshit.

“IDLES, Petrol Girls, Nadine Shah, Grace Petrie, Kate Tempest and always PJ Harvey are all inspiring us right now with a furious honesty that cuts through the static.”

Deux Furieuses – A Shot Of Anger – Protest Song Playlist

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