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New single 'Let Them Burn'

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Ahead of the release of our second album My War Is Your War on 18th October via Xtra Mile Recordings, we are sharing one of the album's most emotive tracks - supercharged digital single ‘Let Them Burn’ along with a tense new video by Dan Donovan using live footage from 2000 Trees Festival courtesy of Xtra Mile Recordings.

My War is Your War tackles social injustice head-on in a series of songs that present as impassioned calls to arms. The album reaches out to find common cause against a context of increasing right wing populism in Europe, Brexit, a friend's suicide and the #MeToo movement.

‘Let Them Burn’ is our outraged response to a Government that is prepared to 'let the people burn' as a result of ideologically driven austerity.

"So fierce, an amazing reflection of our times..deux furieuses are on fire" John Kednnedy X-Posure Hot One Radio X

Pre-order or stream the album:

deux furieuses 'Let Then Burn' single cover

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