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Top 10 Albums of 2022 The Punk Site

Thrilled to reach the end of the year with our new album Songs From Planet Earth at No.9 in Top 20 Albums of 2022 along with Frank Turner, Yard Act, NOFX.

"At number 9 in the The Punk Site‘s top 20 of 2022 lie Deux Furieuses with their seismic third full length, Songs From Planet Earth, which is full of hope and fire that burns all the brighter in these darkest of times.

“These ten songs provide a chastening scrapbook of images of a broken land, but Songs From Planet Earth is also an album of sublime musical beauty and restrained furious energy. Heavy themes are lightly touched. The guitars and drums meld into a perfect space in which to express strong ideas. And while those ideas can be bold and strident, this album never feels like it’s ever doing anything but coaxing you along the correct road. Never preaching or hectoring, this is protest music in its most sublime expression, drawing on the deeply personal. But the personal is political, never more so than this. Anger is an energy.” (Peter Hough November 2022)

Full review here:

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