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Festivals, new album, a special place in hell, England 2019.

Deux Furieuses duo standing, black and white. leather jackets, stone wall. England. Photo by Dan Donovan.

Seriously, we are despairing over Brexit and all the piss poor politicians enabling it under the cloak of 'the will of the people'. There is indeed 'a special place in hell' for the delusional idealogues in both main Westminster parties who are prepared to risk peace in Ireland, jobs, rights and throw away our taken for granted freedom to live, work or retire in the EU without a safety plan.

'The will of the people is not what I believe in' Silenced by the Roar

There was never a referendum majority for any one Brexit over Remain. Many different Brexits combined won over Remain, narrowly. Dig deeper and that Leave vote splits with some preferring to remain over alternative Brexits. Let the people vote again on a specific Brexit versus Remain and then let us see what the people really will.

In happier news, we have recorded our second album produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) at Grange Farm Studio, Cambridgeshire with the fantastic Isi Clarke engineering and are putting the finishing mix touches to it right now with Mark Freegard at Kyoti Studio, Glasgow.

We are excited to announce our debut appearance at Camden Rocks Festival on Sunday 2 June at The Hawley Arms!

Also honoured to be playing the Xtra Mile Recordings take over on the Axiom stage at 2000 Trees Festival on Friday 12 July. Frank Turner is headlining the Thursday night then performing as Mongol Horde on the Xtra Mile stage, see line up below.

Xtra Mile taveover poster. 2000 Trees Festival 2019. Deux Furieuses.

More shows and some very exciting new album release news on the way!

Ros and Vas

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